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While I do prefer to interact with people in a gentle manner...

I'm also not at all opposed to establishing my dominance in a reign of terror.

The Yamato Fan Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Welcome to Yamato-taichou, the first and only fan community
for the character Yamato, ANBU genius and temporary
leader of Team Kakashi, from the manga Naruto.
This community is for those of us who are fans to get together
and share stuff that concerns Yamato in some way; this
can be anything from discussion, to fanfiction, fanart,
icons, and so on. If you have anything at all to share with
the community, the contribution will be very much appreciated. ;D

Community Rules
1) No flaming or bashing. We're all here for the same reason, so
keep it civil, please.
2) All fanfiction and fanart is welcome here, but all required
warnings should be specified on anything posted (violence, sex, etc.);
and, for that matter, anything longer than 200 words or containing
pictures larger than 200x200 pixels should be behind a cut.
3) Try to stay on topic. All posts should have something to do
with Yamato, even vaguely.
4) This community will contain spoilers, but try to keep any
relating to the last three manga chapters behind a cut. New
members, be warned that this place will be spoiler-heavy.


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Yamato is pine-fresh love